Why That “Perfect Sofa” Might Not Be So Perfect

Its just the right color…and it’s just big enough fit that space….Many other bits of criteria dance through the furniture buyer’s heads.  Some of the things that should be there are dismissed when the “perfect sofa” is found.  When it comes time for us to clean a pieced of furniture or do some emergency spotting, there might be some difficult issues to face.

The time for you to assess your needs is before you find just the “right” piece,  With your permission I’ll list a few.  I need:

  1. child friendly material that will clean well,
  2. my cat (or dog) loves to sit on the back and look out the window
  3. the pool is right outside the back door and……
  4. we have many parties and our guests tend to spill things….

and on and on..There are many fabrics that can help with these issues.  Child friendly would mean to me a nice tightly woven fabric that can be spot cleaned easily.  There are always accidents with kids.  Fabric protector would be a real help.

The family pet is a hair producer and also has and skin and oil that can be deposited on fabric.  A good vacuum and a hair removing tape roller would be a good help..(also a candidate for fabric protection)

Parties and pools are fun but can be hard on the furniture also. You see, planning just what you need is important before you go out to look for your furniture.  The contrast between the lovely sectional sofa and the great wooden table and bench is not as far-fetched as it seems.  They both have their place.  More on selection and choices next time..